Welcome Fellow Animal Parents!


If you’re like me, your pets have become family members. When you can’t be home for them because of work, vacation or other obligations, you want them taken care of with the same love and attention you give them. That’s exactly what I do at FURBABIES, because I love pets!

I offer dog walking and pet sitting services in the greater Hampstead, Surf City, & Holly Ridge area. I am fully licensed, bonded/insured and Pet First Aid/Pet CPR Certified. FURBABIES offers a multitude of services for a variety of pets. I can also handle various home services which, by making it appear that your house is occupied, can be a crime deterrent. Choose the schedule and services you want, and I’ll do the rest.

How Herbs Can Improve Joint Health

Herbs go deeper than NSAIDs when it comes to alleviating the inflammation at the root of arthritis and other joint problems – and without the side effects.

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Exercise Classes For People And Dogs

Human-dog exercise classes are springing up all over. They’re a fun way for you and your dog to stay fit together, both physically and mentally.

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Why Do Cats Knock Things Off Shelves?

Anyone who has cats has seen them jump on a shelf, desk or table, only to start methodically knocking everything onto the floor. From cutlery to pens to books, down they go, with the nudge of a paw.

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